IHE Worldwide

IHE national deployment committees have been established in 17 countries across the globe. They are sanctioned by IHE International to conduct testing, education, outreach, collaboration with local health agencies and other deployment-related activities. The links at left provide access to information about these organizations and their activities.

Many IHE national deployment committees coordinate their activities through regional groupings, as shown at left. All national deployment committees also participate in the IHE Global Deployment Coordination Committee (GDC). This committee meets regularly to coordinate planning of major IHE activities and to share resources and best practices. IHE National/Regional Deployment reports can be found here.

An application to establish a new IHE national deployment committee is available here. Organizations that wish to establish and sponsor IHE national deployment committees should complete the application and send to secretary@ihe.net to learn about organizing and planning your application.

IHE International has periodically held World Summits in locations around the world to bring together leaders of IHE national deployment committees and other stakeholder organizations from 21 countries. Learn more and subscribe to receive information about future IHE International events by subscribing to receive our monthly newsletter and occasional announcements.

IHE Deployment Committees Worldwide