IHE Cardiology was formed in 2003 to address issues specific to clinical workflow, information sharing and improved patient care in the clinical domain of cardiology. Sponsorship is provided by the American College of Cardiology(ACC).


The IHE Cardiology committees have defined the following IHE Profiles, which are specified in detail in the IHE Cardiology Technical Framework:

  • [CATH] – Cardiac Cath Workflow integrates ordering, scheduling, imaging acquisition, storage and viewing for Cardiac Catheterization procedures.
  • [ECHO] – Echocardiography Workflow integrates ordering, scheduling, imaging acquisition, storage and viewing for digital echocardiography.
  • [ECG] – Retrieve ECG for Display provides access throughout the enterprise to electrocardiogram (ECG) documents for review purposes.
  • [ED] – Evidence Documents adds Cardiology-specific options to the Radiology ED profile.
  • [IDCO] – Implantable Device Cardiac Observation specifies the creation, transmission, and processing of discrete data elements and report attachments associated with cardiac device interrogations (observations) or messages.
  • [STRESS] – Stress Testing Workflow provides ordering and collecting multi-modality data during diagnostic Stress testing procedures
  • [DRPT] – Displayable Reports distributes “display ready” (PDF) cardiology clinical reports from the department to the enterprise.

White Papers

The white papers linked below provide more detailed information regarding the IHE Cardiology Profiles.


The IHE Cardiology Planning and Technical Committees develop and maintain the IHE Cardiology Technical Framework. These committees are composed of representatives of stakeholder organizations who are users or developers of cardiology-related clinical IT systems and related infrastructure. The committees are international in scope. All qualified stakeholders are invited to join.

Participation is open and voluntary, but in order to remain a voting committee member, participants must take part regularly in committee meetings and teleconferences and perform committee assignments. All IHE committee participants serve as representatives of IHE Member Organizations. Information on becoming an IHE Member Organization is available on the IHE Governance page.

Email communication among participants in the committees takes place through Google Groups maintained for this purpose. You can request an invitation to join the committee lists below.


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