2018 Webinars

Inside IHE Webinar Series 2018

Inside IHE is a regular series of webinars presented by leaders of IHE standards development activities to inform the healthcare community about IHE, engage interested stakeholders and prepare developers and implementers to leverage IHE solutions to achieve interoperability in healthcare. Information and registration for upcoming webinars and recordings of past presentations are provided below. Links to previous years’ webinars are provided in the menu at left.


Inside IHE: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PaLM)

Intro, Mission and Scope
New Lab Trial Implementation Profiles
New Anatomic Pathology Trial Implementation Profiles
Current Projects and How to Get Involved
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  • Riki Merrick, MPH, Vernetzt, LLC
  • Raj C. Dash, MD, Director, Laboratory Informatics Strategy, Medical Director, Laboratory Information Systems, Professor, Department of Pathology, Duke University Health System


Inside IHE: Radiology

Intro and EBIW Profile
WIA Profile
WIA Integration with XDS-I or MHD
XDS-I Updates and How to Get Involved
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  • Mike Bohl, COO, Radiology Group


  • Mike Bohl, COO, Radiology Group
  • Kevin O’Donnell, MASc, DICOM Standards Committee; QIBA Steering Committee; IHE Board; Senior Manager, Canon Medical Research USA
  • Kinson Ho, MMath, IHE Radiology Technical Committee Co-Chair, Solution Architect, Change Healthcare


  1. Encounter-based Imaging Workflow (EBIW) – addresses medical imaging performed outside the context of an ordered procedure. The profile integrates the devices to capture appropriate context (patient, encounter, procedure), populate relevant indexing fields, link to related data, and ensure the images are accessible and well-knit into the medical record.
  2. Web-based Image Access (WIA) [formerly known as MHD-I]: defines a query/retrieve mechanism for imaging studies using lightweight RESTful API. The mechanism is agnostic to the image sharing infrastructure. It can be used in the existing DICOM infrastructure as well as XDS/XDS-I document sharing infrastructure (when grouping with MHD or XDS-I).
  3. Import and Display of External Priors (IDEP): upon receiving a scheduled order message, automatically locates, accesses, imports and views priors from outside institutions for direct comparison to a local current study. Specifically this profile discovers both imaging studies and associated reports.
  4. XDS-I.b Update: review several significant updates recently completed for XDS-I.b.


Inside IHE: Eye Care

Intro and Domain Overview
Unified Eye Care Workflow
Unified Eye Care Workflow Technical Details
GEE (General Eye Exam), Other Profiles and How to Participate
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  • Abdiel Marin, CEO, EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems, Inc.
  • Peter Scherer, Principal at PS IT International


  • Unified Eyecare Workflow
  • GEE – General Eye Exam


Inside IHE: Patient Care Device (PCD)

Intro and Domain Overview
PCD Profiles
Updates and Resources
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  • Rob Wilder, Sr. Product Manager, Spok




Inside IHE: Cardiology

Intro and Domain Overview
IHE Japan Projects and Connectathon
Profile Updates
Next Steps for Domain
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  • Paul Dow, MSHI, American College of Cardiology


  • Jerry Serwer MD, University of Michigan
  • David Slotwiner MD, Weill Cornell Medical College
  • Nick Gawrit, heartbase
  • Rebecca Baker, American College of Cardiology
  • Shinichi Nakano, Canon Medical
  • Takeshi Oozeki, Canon Medical
  • Charles Thomas, University of Washington


  • This presentation will highlight the Cardiac Procedure Note (CPN) profile and the CPN Companion Guide developed to communicate the benefits of interoperability between Cardiac Catheterization Labs, Electrophysiology Labs, and other care teams. Extensions to CPN profile for additional structural heart procedure types will also be discussed.


Inside IHE: Patient Care Coordination (PCC)

Vision, Mission and Goals
PCC Profiles
How to Get Involved
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  • Amit Popat, Epic, Planning Committee Co-Chair, IHE PCC

Inside IHE: Radiation Oncology

Domain and Committee Overview
RO Profiles
How to Participate
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  • Mark Pepelea, Ph.D., Philips Healthcare


  • Current and recent work


Inside IHE: IT Infrastructure (ITI)

ITI Overview and Updates
MHD Profile
mXDE Profile
Document Sharing Overview
ITI Asynchronous AS4 Option
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View MHD Slides
View mXDE Slides
View Document Sharing Slides
View Asynchronous AS4 Option Slides



  • Daniel A Berezeanu, Professional Engineer, Ready Computing
  • John Moehrke, Co-Chair ITI Planning, Light Professional IT Services LLC
  • Charles Parisot GE Healthcare, IHE ITI Technical Committee Member, IHE Intl Board Member


  • Domain Overview & Profiles Summary
  • Mobile access to Health Documents (MHD)
  • Mobile Cross-Enterprise Document Data Element Extraction (mXDE)
  • Document Sharing Overview
  • New Asynchronous AS4 Web Services Option for XCA, XCPD, XDR and XCDR Profiles: To support scaling of document sharing between communities to a large numbers of gateways, Asynchronous Web Services Exchange is critical to realize a more efficient handling of latency and scale.


Inside IHE: Quality, Research and Public Health (QRPH)

SDC Profile
ADX-HIV Content Schema
BFDR-E and VRDR Profile Updates
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View ADX-HIV Content Schema Slides
View VRDR and BFDR-E Slides



  • Alex Goal, Senior Analyst, Cancer Care Ontario
  • Derek Ritz, ecGroup
  • Lori Reed Fourquet, Consultant, e-HealthSign, LLC
  • Alaina Elliott, IT Specialist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, NCHS


  • Structured Data Capture (SDC)
  • ADX-HIV content schema
  • Birth and Fetal Death Reporting Enhanced (BFDR-E)
  • Vital Records Death Reporting (VRDR)


Inside IHE: Pharmacy

Please see 2016 webinars to view the most recent Pharmacy Domain update.