Why become a Benefactor?

IHE International is dedicated to developing use case-driven, standards-based technical specifications (IHE Profiles) that enable health IT systems to communicate and interoperate effectively. That work is supported by a tiered membership model of stakeholders in health information technology.

By enrolling as a benefactor, your organization will demonstrate its commitment to IHE’s mission, independence and sustainability. Benefactor status entitles your organization to the rights and privileges enjoyed by all member organizations, including:

  • Recognition on the website of IHE International (
  • Use of IHE membership logo
  • Access to global membership directory
  • Access to informative webinars
  • Participation and voting rights in IHE committees, including:
    • IHE domain committees
    • IHE International Board elections
    • Testing and Tools Committee
    • Domain Coordination Committee (DCC)
    • Global Deployment Coordination Committee (GDC)
    • Marketing and Communications Committee
  • Advance information on events, conferences and workshops
Additional Benefactor Facts
  • Any member organization of IHE International can elect to become a Benefactor
  • Annual fee of $25,000 for any size or category
  • Participate as non-voting member of IHE International Board
  • Placement of organization’s logo on IHE International’s website, publications and regular communication
  • Support the mission, independence and sustainability of IHE International

Join IHE International’s initial Benefactors in advancing interoperability across the healthcare ecosystem!

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Thank you to our Benefactors!