The IHE Dental Domain addresses the implementation of standards-based interoperability solutions to improve information sharing, workflow and patient care.

This domain, begun in 2011, is sponsored by the American Dental Association.

IHE Profiles

The IHE Dental Technical Framework Supplement will specify the following Dental Profiles. The technical framework is in development and is expected to be circulated for public review in November 2012.

  • Secure Exchange of Dental Images (SEDI) Content Profile.
  • DICOM E-mail Transport Integration Profile.

Educational Materials
The IHE Dental Domain has available a presentation describing the technical framework.


The IHE Dental Domain consists of a combined Planning and Technical Committee.

Detailed committee responsibilities include:

  • Planning Subcommittee
    • Developing and reviewing Integration Profile proposals
    • Determining scope of development priorities
    • Communication and coordination of development activities with other IHE domain
  • Technical Subcommittee
    • Assessing the feasibility and scope of development priorities
    • Developing detailed documentation of approved Integration Profile proposals
    • Developing and maintaining the IHE Technical Framework

Here is the address of the IHE dental listserve.  To subscribe, or to suggest changes or corrections to this page, please contact Paul Bralower at

These committees are composed of representatives of stakeholder organizations who are users or developers of healthcare IT systems and related infrastructure. The committees are international in scope. All qualified stakeholders are invited to join.

Participation is open and voluntary, but in order to remain a voting committee member, participants must take part regularly in committee meetings and teleconferences and perform committee assignments. All IHE committee participants serve as representatives of IHE Member Organizations. Information on becoming an IHE Member Organization is available on the IHE Governance page.

Visit the Google Group:
IHE Dental Planning/Technical Committee