IHE Connectathon: A Unique Testing Opportunity

IHE Connectathons provide a detailed implementation and testing process to enable the adoption of standards-based interoperability by vendors and users of healthcare information systems. During a Connectathon systems exchange information with corresponding systems in a structured and supervised peer-to-peer testing environment, performing transactions required for the roles (IHE actors) they have selected to perform in carefully defined interoperability use cases (IHE profiles).

Connectathons are held annually in Asia, Europe and North America.  Thousands of vendor-to-vendor connections are tested each year. The results of testing are published in the Connectathon Results Database.

The Connectathon provides detailed validation of the participants’ interoperability and compliance with IHE profiles. Participating companies prepare for the event using testing software developed for this purpose. Connectathons offer vendors a unique opportunity for connectivity testing, removing barriers to integration that would otherwise often need to be addressed on site, at the customer’s expense. Companies taking part have responded overwhelmingly that the IHE process addresses important issues in their product development plans. The links below provide information about scheduling and participation for upcoming Connectathon events.

Connectathon Event Information