Radiation Oncology


IHE Radiation Oncology addresses information sharing, workflow, and patient care in radiation oncology. It is sponsored by the American Association of Physicists in Medicine.

IHE Radiation Oncology Profiles

  • [BRTO-II] Basic Radiation Therapy Objects-II – Basic image segmentation and treatment planning content with options for “high-res” contours, decubitus scans and ion beam dose.
  • [MMRO-III] Multimodality Registration for Radiation Oncology 2013 – (Rigid) spatial registration, segmentation, and display (with dose).
  • [TDRC] Treatment Delivery Record Content – RT Beams Treatment Record exchange from Treatment Delivery Device to Treatment Management System.
  • [TPPC] Treatment Planning Plan Content – RT Plan exchange among Treatment Planning System and from Treatment Planning System to Treatment Management System. Documents RT plan requirements for 14 beam techniques.
  • [TDW-II] Treatment Delivery Workflow – Workflow integration between Treatment Management System and Treatment Delivery Device.


Planning Committee:  Mary Feng, Björn Hårdemark, R. Alfredo Siochi

Technical Committee:  Scott Hadley, Jon Treffert

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