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What’s Happening in the Patient Care Device (PCD) Domain?

  • Ongoing PCD FHIR mapping efforts – The PCD membership has been working to further define and model a DOR FHIR resource.  Several vendor members of PCD are contributing, and it is expected that a ballot for comment will go out by December 2014.
  • Ongoing PCD FDA UDI mapping efforts – Members of the PCD group who are also HL7 work group members have drafted a CP for HL v 2.8.2 to allow for the use of the PRT segment to communicate the FDA UDI identifier.  Balloting of that CP is forecasted for next summer.
  • New PCD profile MEMDMC in 2015 NA Connectathon – This profile will be reporting equipment status and identification to equipment management systems (CMMS/CEMS).
  • New PCD profile MEMLS in 2015 NA Connectathon – This new profile will allow trigger based reporting of equipment/people location or tag information to consuming systems (LS, RTLS, RFID).
  • PCD assisting in IEEE 11073-10101a update development – The PCD group is wrapping up the ventilator terms to go into the RTMMS.  Work done here has reached across standards groups and includes working in close collaboration with the ISO-19223 leadership.  The terminology mapping that has been produced has been put in front of clinicians in the field for additional vetting of the final work product.