Member Support

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) International has become a leader in advancing interoperability because of the commitment of organizations like yours. As we look to the future, we see room for growth. We are asking for your support to bring this vision to life.

IHE has a plan to build on the foundation we have established to enable seamless and secure access to health information, whenever and wherever needed–our 2020 Vision. The goal is to secure the resources needed to be the leading provider worldwide of guidance, testing and implementation services to achieve interoperability in health IT.

The success of this vision relies on your continued support and participation. Starting on July 1, 2015, IHE International will adopt a fee-based membership model, tiered by type and size of organization to all stakeholders to participate. The categories of membership and annual membership fees (in US dollars) are:

  • Vendors and other for-profit organizations
    • Large organizations (more than 250 employees): $1,500
    • Medium-sized organizations (4 to 250 employees): $500
    • Smaller organizations (less than 4 employees): $250
  • Not-for-profit organizations and government agencies: $500
    • Humanitarian non-profit organizations and government agencies in low- and middle-income countries (as classified by WHO): $250
  • Provider Organizations (direct providers of healthcare to patients)
    • Small provider organizations (less than 4,000 staff members): $250
    • Large provider organizations (more than 4,000 staff members): $500
  • Standards development organizations (SDOs): free reciprocal membership

As part of the 2020 Vision campaign, renewal notices will be distributed starting in mid-June to each current IHE International member organization. Members are requested to complete membership rule by October 1st. Only representatives of active member organizations will be able to take part in IHE committees and development of IHE technical specifications.

What do you think of the 2020 Vision? Submit your feedback, questions and suggestions to our Community Forum or contact us by email: