The work of IHE is managed by a coordinated set of committees sponsored by various national and international bodies. The detailed policies and procedures of IHE committees are defined in the IHE Principles of Governance.

IHE Planning and Technical committees are formed in each active IHE Domain. They are composed of qualified experts from the healthcare professions and the healthcare IT industry and are responsible for the development and maintenance of the IHE Technical Framework documents for their domain. Participation on these committees is open to all qualified personnel, but requires a full commitment to a rigorous schedule of meetings and assignments. Committee participants serve as representatives of IHE Member Organizations. Secretarial and logistical support for the committees is provided by the sponsoring organizations of that Domain. See a calendar of committee activities.

Domain Planning Committees coordinate the development of Technical Framework documents in the domain, and produce related marketing and education materials. They gather and analyze use cases and interoperability problems faced by users, prioritize these issues, and oversee development of IHE Profiles by the Technical Committee that ensure interoperability among the systems involved.

Domain Technical Committees select the appropriate standards to address the interoperability needs identified by the Planning Committee and develop the detailed implementation documents known as IHE Profiles and publish them in the IHE Technical Frameworks.

The IHE International Board is the broadest oversight body of IHE and is responsible for overall management, direction, coordination and governance. It is composed of representatives of professional specialties and organizations from across the spectrum of care. It performs this by management of IHE international development activities, oversight of the deployment activities conducted by the partner national and regional deployment organizations.